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Your Gift

“Head to where you fear most!” a trainer shared this in a workshop I attended about 10 years ago. I could still hear my heart beat aloud and feel my cold sweat in my body. I wasn’t sure whether what I fear most was the direction I wanted to go to. I was uncertain where it would lead me to.

Since young, I constantly felt traumatised. I knew they were seeking for help and I pretended I could not hear or see them. I thought it was a curse to have this gift. I did not know what to do with it neither did anyone could guide me on this. The more I was pushing my gift away, the more my life was turning upside down. I did secretly asked myself, how come others can take it as a norm but not me? The answer I gave to myself: I was just too timid!

I thought I was a big time loser in my life. Failed in doing anything and everything under the sky. Even so I was very determined to go through healings but I felt like I was running around in an endless tunnel. Glad that all these already in the past.

Now I can see the big plan and reasons why I kept failing. All those unpleasant experiences were preparing me well to receive greater gift and become who I truly are. I am grateful I had opportunities to healing my past hurts which now I feel like I have woken up from a dream.

Though I have been doing mediumship as part of my life coaching sessions for more than 10 years, but I resisted putting focus on this area. Now I see the need to help many families who lost their loved ones, to make peace within. I finally acknowledged I am good at what I do as my profession. I recently launched a new service, “Bereavement Coaching”, which at last, I know the reason why I have this gift.

Everyone has a gift including yourself. You just need to be brave to acknowledge it, embrace it and the rest will fall in place for you.

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