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45 Minutes | $138 (via Zoom Meeting)

Not sure of where to start but you just know something is a little bit off in life? This is a shorter introductory session that is designed to help you find clarity for the direction of your healing journey and will help you determine whether there are specific areas that require a more in-depth Focused Session.

The discussion in this session will have us look at the overall big picture of where you are at which includes identifying your biggest challenges and goals.



Many of the issues you face today are caused by your past experiences and history which I refer to as Past Trauma. All my programs start with first identifying the roadblocks which you may already be aware of but more often than not are hidden deep within your subconscious mind.

My Focused Programs encompass a wide range of topics where I deploy a variety of psychotherapy and holistic approaches to create the best outcome for you:

LIFE COACHING  *Most Popular

2 Hours | $280 (via Zoom Meeting)

2 Hours | $400 (Face to Face) *SG Only

In my most comprehensive all-around offering, these Life Coaching sessions can cover multiple aspects of your life such as:

  • Life Direction

  • Love & Relationships

  • Work & Career

  • Bad Habits & Addiction

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Stress

Everyone is unique and will have different sets of issues they are facing but the main goal will be how to move forward and make progress as a whole to achieve your full potential.

This is a highly tailored program according to your needs and situation. By the end of a session, you can expect to be rejuvenated with a clear mind and have a strong understanding on what needs to be done.


2 Hours | $280 (via Zoom Meeting)

2 Hours | $400 (Face to Face) *SG Only

People believe that you should only seek for professional help when you experience nasty fights, separation or divorce is looming.


However, that is often too little...too late. Relationship Coaching should begin as soon as the problems get in the way of your daily life.

Signs that you should consider to seek for help:

  • You have trouble expressing your feelings to one another

  • You have one or more unsolvable disagreements

  • There is withdrawal, criticism, or contempt in your interactions

  • You have trouble making decisions together

  • You have experienced infidelity, addiction, or abuse

This program focuses on overcoming relationship issues. While it may be popular with couples, this program can also be applied to relationships amongst family members and even with business partners or colleagues in the workplace.


2 Hours | $280 (via Zoom Meeting)

2 Hours | $400 (Face to Face) *SG Only

You may have recently experienced a loss of a loved one, have been involved in a traumatic episode or a conscious/unconscious past trauma was suddenly triggered.

This program is to provide you with a more immediate and concentrated course of action focusing on the particular pressing situation you are in.

  • Passing of a loved one

  • Miscarriage / abortion

  • An extremely difficult relationship or breakup

  • Victim or witness of abuse

  • Victim or witness to violence, an accident or a natural disaster




1½ Hours | $62 per pax  *SG Only

This is a scheduled guided group meditation session that will bring you through various self-empowerment processes to support and motivate you to become a better version of yourself.


Starts from $380 per hour  *SG Only

Organise a mindfulness guided meditation session for your workplace.

These sessions are to help promote mindfulness whilst reducing stress among employees and will tailored according to your organisation's culture, size and other needs.

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