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While we still have the chance to live rightly for the rest of our lives

“No, no, I cannot let go of him…”

This is a very common reaction among my clients who come for my Bereavement Coaching. They find it hard when I guide them to let go.

Letting go of a person who already passed away is not forgetting the person. It is letting go the emotional aspect which we attached with the person who already passed away.

Bereavement coaching is not only dealing with a person’s grief or mourning, it also encompasses our guilt, anger, self-blame, loss, regret etc. When we lost of a love one who meant so much to us in our life, we feel we have lost that part of meaning in our life.

When we are deeply hurt from the loss, we can’t feel the love which has left behind from our love ones. Many of us thought that we have to live our life with those regret and hurt for the rest of our lives, which should not be the way, we can embrace the love and good teaching left behind from our love ones by letting go of those negative emotion and beliefs.

It is just like most of us want to leave behind a legacy of our good values, beliefs or teaching, hope that our next generation could continue to remember our love for them after we are gone and this is the sweetest thing that we can do for people who left behind.

“From now on, I am going to make him feel proud about me by making myself happy and I will smile on each time when I think of him…this is what he always wanted me to do.” She finally let go and feeling love by remembering of what her father had been telling her.

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