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Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Future

I recently saw a post in social media written by Angie Toh, promoting her online course “Multi Orgasmic Men”. It is to support people to unleash their full sexual potential. Boy! She is so brave to be her true self. I admire her courage.

I believe every one of us has a dream on how they want to serve the world. However, many of us suppressing our dreams to come true. The inner conflict of how we can fit in the society overtake our heart. Our over thinking mind preventing us to become who we really are. The voices of “you are not good enough”, “what if you fail?”, “who will pay you for that?” etc. are blocking you.

When you have a clarity of what you want to do or become, all you need to take is to make a commitment. Devote to you goal once you have made up your mind. Every thought and action you take has to be aligned with the intention on how you can make it work better. None of us start to run before learning how to walk. Improvement comes in every step you take. Afraid of failure? Who never fail before? Failure is to show you what’s not working and lead you closer to what’s working for you. Taking the step is better than never taken any step.

Things are always fall in place if you truly believe in yourself and your work. Never let your fear decide your future and do what makes you smile.

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