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Lady SC

Yuanhui Chen

Before I met SC, I was numb and had feelings I couldn't explain to myself. I wasn't moving on. I immediately felt I could trust SC when we had an introductory conversation. In the most beautiful way SC guided me towards many realisations. I felt empowered to choose happiness and confidence. My anxiety and stress reduced in waves. I felt a definite shift within me, a positive awareness of reality, that knudged towards actions and thought processes that I so desperately need in my private and professional life. I become more in control of my actions. She gave me safety when I felt most vulnerable. Truly a healing experience. I felt like I was in good hands. ~ Nur Siraj, Singapore

Lady SC Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You have healed me in a very profound way with immediate positive shifts thus allowing for unprecedented changes in my life. Most importantly, I am now more connected with God than ever before, connected stronger with my family allowing for free flow of conversation and happiness to permeate through our home, friends connection are more gentle and clarity in with my career/ business which has steered me to have found my life purpose and started to pursue my new field since a year ago. Now, life is responding with more ease, so grateful & blessed in every way for you have assisted me to arrive to this state. Life is indeed amazing, I have learnt to live for myself! Hopefully I could begin on a new intimate relationship with more loving-kindness in our life. ~ Very grateful, Karen Lim, Malaysia

I was experiencing anxiety and was in a constant state of panic shortly after going through a natural disaster when I was living abroad. I felt that I lost momentum in life and was unsure of how to bounce back from the incident. SC provided me with a safe avenue to delve deep into my fears and address the root cause of the problem that was keeping me on edge. She also helped me to find the true purpose of life and the strength to move forward. She was very calm and patient throughout the session and even attended to my calls after the session. I am extremely grateful for the support she has provided me with, and I would definitely recommend her! ~ Jasmine Ho

Thank you so much SC. Your gifted intuition made the session truly outstanding. You helped me make a breakthrough in an area which I had not even begun to think I had to deal with. By sensing what I did not know I needed, you tailored the exercises to gently guide me through. I felt very safe, special and well taken care of. You are an amazing healer. I wish you many successes as you attune us to the light. Many thanks ~ Best regards,  ~ Abelene, Singapore

I always thought I was on top of things…until reality forced me to face up to the fact that I was actually just bulldozing my way. Therapy allowed me to open up not just to my Happiness Coach, but also more importantly, to myself. It was a miraculous journey of self-discovery, where I learnt to embrace not just the good, but also the bad. I feel empowered, and almost as if I have been given a renewed lease of life. Thanks SC for helping me see how to live, love & laugh!
I am ok with using my own identity…if anything, I want other women/young widows out there to know that what they read in the papers, and thought was a display of courage, was actually lacking in some ways. I love myself much better today than I have ever loved myself for the past 33 years! ~ Joelle, Singapore

I was a bit skeptical when hearing about the Happiness Coaching sessions with Lady SC to help with my anxiety issue. However, once I got involved into the Happiness Coaching session, it was a real eye opener on how emotional my subconscious actually was. Upon receiving the Happiness Coaching session I felt free from anxiety that was atop of my shoulders, getting rid of the burden that had been stuck with me for almost a year. I’m grateful that I went through with the Happiness Coaching session and would recommend it for anyone that has any doubts about themselves. ~ Chris Sharpe, Australia

I have an amazing experience in this workshop with SC. She is very personable and encouraging in her approach, generous, concise and structured in her delivery. Her sincerity touched me and helped me to open up myself and my feelings naturally. I am glad I am here today. Thank you.
~ With love, Sharmayne, Singapore


It has been a very enriching session. A new experience to NLP & Time Line Therapy®. The exercises taught are practical and able to help me increase my self-confidence and overcoming limiting beliefs. The course ‘Increase Your Self-Confidence” is definitely useful and enriching to people who want to make a difference and change in their life! I value my “unconscious mind” even more! Thanks SC for your patience and love! ~ Love, Steffenie, Singapore


What shall I say?
This Happiness Coaching does help me to know myself better. I can never imagine the submerged mind able to cause such tremendous cause of my life. From devastating to filled with love. It is a magical experience. I wish I continue to grow and be grateful everyday. Thank you Lady SC. ~ Love, Jacqueline, Singapore


I known SC for many years. Always admire her for her courage and clarity in life. 
I met with some critical challenges in my business and life in 2016. After seeking her coaching services for 2 sessions, i did the exercises she gave, i found the answers to my challenges and overcame them. I gotten amazing results within a short period. SC always have ready and easy solutions for my challenges. I recommend you to seek her coaching and training services if you aspire to have a breakthrough in every aspects in your life. ~ Nick Sim (PhD EDu Mgt) Business Owner/ Speaker, Singapore

It was no coincidence that I met SC at my difficult times.  She has helped me gained insight and awareness to my challenges in life and eventually overcome them. She connects well to people and I feel safe in her good hands to take a step ahead. She gave me the confidence and showed me the courage to move on. Thank you SC! ~ Steffenie Ho, Singapore


Anyone who has an issue with letting go or coming to terms with past or present issues should have coaching and/or training sessions with SC. During the will be surprised at how supressed emotions come to the fore..and usually with an intensity that you will least expect. But the good thing is usually necessary to undergo that for us to grow to the next phase of our life by forgoing whatever that no longer works for us and to confront our demons once and for to speak. So yeah....anyone who is in need of a royal flush of anything that is negative in their life or who is desperately in need of offloading excess baggage or unnecessary perceived burden, a session with SC will be very illuminating. ~ Anonymous

NLP & Time Line Therapy® is a great program that I would recommend to everyone. After I took an NLP & TLT training more than 4 years ago, my life has been changing slowly to be the real me that I wanted to be.
Before I took NLP & TLT, I was a person who was not having much social life, very negative, with low self-esteem, fear of trying new things and had always blaming others. I was not really convinced at first when I heard about this programme that can help many to make the change toward positive.  After a few months of considering, I realized that I really needed to change my life because I didn’t want to continue to have a “stressful ” life style like that. I also believe that all these negative emotions that I had could possibly lead to some diseases in later part of my life. I told myself no matter how much money, I really wanted to change myself to become a happy person.  So, I decided to take the training after a long hesitation.
During that two weeks NLP & TLT class, I could feel my emotion changing into lighter or happier mode.  I was full of energy everyday in the training because it emphasizes on daily life that we encounter with different emotions in different environments. Lady SC would demonstrate on each technique for us to learn with real life issues from the participants. Thus, every one of us had the chance by voluntary to have the trainer to help us to make the change. In fact everyone in the class got to do it at the end of the day.
After I completed the training, I felt very contented with everything I have. Until today I still using NLP and TLT techniques to delete any negative emotion that I have.  I also realized that the more that I let go of the negative emotions that is not serving me, the more good things happening in my life.   I am really glad that I took this training and the great transformation to be a happy person is more than what I had paid for the NLP & TLT training. ~ Nikki Kwuan, U.S.A.

I benefited very much from SC’s 1-day workshop on “Increase Your Self-Confidence”. The session made me realized what character I am and provided many practical methods to improve myself further. I felt empowered after attending her session. I have no hesitation to introduce her workshop to anyone I met. Thank you SC. ~ Vincent Chia, Singapore

The course is very interesting. I got to learn and experience what is NLP and Time Line Therapy®. SC is very knowledgably and very detail. She shows tremendous care and concern to us, and is very patience to help us achieve a positive state. Thank you very much SC. ~ Nicholas Bon, Singapore

Thank you SC for the wonderful training. I like the exercise, especially the “Ring of Power” and “Goal Setting Visualization”. These exercises are practical and methodical, which makes my daily practices easy-peasy. Though this course, I understand myself better (kinesthetic, auditory digital) and I can use the test to qualify my prospects. I will certainly recommend this course to my friends who want to know more about themselves. ~ Sharon Chia, Singapore

I feel that I was lucky to know about NLP and wonderful people like you who can be termed as my life coach. I knew somehow rather I had to stop doing my regular routine to look for answer. If there are really angels on earth, you are one of my guardian angels. This NLP thingy is really an eye opener for me. It's definitely changed my life. Not that I had a terrible life but I had life that says 'ok lor'. Now I m leading a life that says 'beautiful' .~ Janice Pang, Malaysia

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