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with Lady SC

Healing from Past Trauma

Present Moment

Are you truly happy with your life?

Are you wondering how to get your life back on track?

Most of us seek happiness from the outside, which only satisfies us temporarily. In order to change our lives, to have more joy in our everyday reality, we have to change our inner world at the subconscious level.

The greatest motivation in my life is to inspire you to live the rest of your life at your best version, for you to live a life that is filled with mindful practises and strong life purpose. 


Healing happens when we are able to see all our experiences in life as gifts of lessons and having the capability to transform our lives by maximising our potentials. Of utmost importance, is your willingness to let go of what’s stopping you and start living with clarity, strength, abundance and harmony.


I believe all of us deserve to live a magical life, whether it is about reconnecting with your loved ones, building work / business success, or discovering who you are, your consciousness, your life purpose. With my wealth of knowledge and my 20 years of experience, my commitment is to support you to live up to the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life.

"I always thought I was on top of things…until reality forced me to face up to the fact that I was actually just bulldozing my way. Therapy allowed me to open up not just to my Happiness Coach, but also more importantly, to myself. It was a miraculous journey of self-discovery, where I learnt to embrace not just the good, but also the bad. I feel empowered, and almost as if I have been given a renewed lease of life..."
~ Joelle, Singapore

“Holding on to unpleasant feelings is not going to help us resolve issues and be happy. Happiness helps us attract more good things in life and have them come at ease." ~ Lady SC

Thank you & I Love you

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