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Private Session ~ individual, couple or family

Transformational Coaching

Break out from the cycles of negative thoughts and patterns in life.

Addiction  |  Anxiety  |  Bereavement   |  Family   |  Life Direction   |  Past Trauma   |  Relationships   |  Work Stress

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Transformational coaching session is a private session that is customised to your needs. During the session, various psychotherapy and holistic approaches will be deployed in order to create the best outcome for you. My goals are to address your issues at a deeper level in the subconscious mind, make positive changes and have a long-lasting result.

How will the session benefit you?


The session is targeted to clear obstacles in your life and help you make progress in life with ease:

  1. identifying what’s holding you back in the subconscious mind, find out the root cause of the problem.

  2. free yourself from negative emotions or belief systems that are not serving you.

  3. clear your anxiety and stress from traumas.

  4. break out from the cycles of negative thoughts and patterns in life.

  5. overcome obstacles with new way of living.

  6. free yourself from the old mindset and live in your truth with clarity.

What happens during a Transformational Coaching session?


Transformational coaching session is a private session conducted in a safe space. In this two-hour session, you will be guided with different techniques specifically to address your challenges. By the end of the session, your state of mind will be shifted. You will have the clarity about your next cause of action, how to move ahead and how to handle your life with confidence and ease.

The only way out is to dive deep!

No one is in-charge of your success and happiness except yourself. Most importantly, you need to be willing to transform your life.

Choose Your Journey

It is important to choose the journey that has the greatest workability for you. Know that in this journey, there is no “right” or “wrong” route, just what works.


Session in person ~ provides the greatest level of support, accountability and transformation.

This will allow you to experience greater flexibility to work on different types of methodologies, which would help you to accelerate the breakthrough processes.


Online session ~ is an affordable option to receive transformational work.

This is a great option for those who are overseas or simply on the go.

“Holding on to unpleasant feelings is not going to help you resolve issues and be happy. Happiness helps you attract more good things in life and have them come at ease." ~ Lady SC

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