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颂钵声频静修课 Singing Bowl Sound Bath Meditation

Group Session | 中英语 (English / Chinese)

通过颂缽优美和谐的声频, 我们能自然地进入安宁平静的状态,为身心灵启动自我愈.

Changes and chaos are part of our life. Let's get back to balance through the sound of the singing bowls and mindfulness meditation.

Spend some quiet moments to reduce stress, and increase your vibration of energy. As a result, you’d increase your focus and clarity.

Free yourself from distraction or judgment, and be aware of your thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them.


​In this session, we will set our intention through a little chat on recent concerns. We’d then proceed to progressive relaxation, a Hypnotic Induction to allow us to enter into deep meditative states and to gain increased learning from the pre-set intention.


During the meditation process, the sound of the singing bowls helps you relax, reconnect to your inner self and regain your sense of purpose. As a result, you gain a natural sense of satisfaction and peace.



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