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In this practice class, You will be guided through various self-empowerment processes to support and motivate you to become a better version of yourself. Transformation can be gentle and consistent, join this session regularly and allow your better-self to be liberated and shine! Be prepared to experience different processes from various empowerment modalities and meditation practices in each class.

What will happen in this class?


as a group, we'll set intention for the day

  • a meditation to bring clarity and balance

  • energy release process

  • energy realignment process

  • progressive relaxation to set a new energy pattern

* processes e.g. hypnotherapy, various meditation practices, Family Constellation and more

How you may benefit

Release heaviness that has been following you for long time

  • Change and transform repeating situation patterns

  • Gain clarity about your life goals and be motivated

  • To feel more inner peace and resilient

  • To have more self-worth and self-love

Inner Peace Program with Sound Bath Meditation.png
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