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Laughter is one of the highest vibrational energy and the best medicine.


When you are laughing, you do not have thoughts and are fully present in the moment. Thus, you are in a meditative state in those laughing moments.

Laughter gives you a glimpse of freedom from mind or no-mind and even deeper into inner silence. When you are immersed in laughing, all your issues disappear for seconds, helping you to release tension, move from timidity to courage, from the mind to the heart.

It is one of the easiest ways to find inner peace and free yourself from the mind’s constant thought process. Laughter helps you to stay uplifted and alive. Slowly, you will be more aware of your body movements, your surroundings and ground yourself in the present moment.




Laughter has been proven to help reduce anxiety, stress and depression while increasing the happy hormone.


In this session,  will be guided via a fun methodology to release our tension for our concerns so that we can have clarity to achieve our goals in life.


We then will end with calming down sound bath meditation to integrate the wholeness in us. As a result, you feel more assured and confident after the session.


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In this session, we are going to:

1.  Maximise the good energy in you by releasing blockages with great laughters.

2. Bring yourself back to your centre with guided imagery meditation with the sound of singing bowl.

3. Fall deep into your sonic universe with 30 minutes sound bath to integrate your intention in you.

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