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Happiness Card Reading

Private Session

Often, we are clouded by our own perception, emotions and overthinking. Sometimes, the congruence of information and different life demands confuse us in making proper and important life decisions.

Instead of just using our mind through rational thinking, let Inspirational Coach SC help you discover the underlying dynamic of your concern in life. Let the cards lead you to your next level of peace so that you can fully focus on your goals and enjoy the present moment at all times.

This is a mini life coaching session with the purpose of gaining clarity for those who have a question or concern in mind.

Lady SC has created a deck of cards that is grounded in psychological principles to help you:
• Confirm decision making with clarity
• Gain insight into the root cause of your concern in

• Discover what’s stopping you from moving forward
• Resolve minor issue during the session

*Online service (zoom) is available

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